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The Hottest RPGs of 2018

Gaming is massive in 2018 with more players than ever before getting involved across a range of console and PC based games. The range of games available has never been this diverse and the variety available is pretty impressive. Of course it’s not just the games themselves that have changed but the whole gaming scene is evolving.

rpg strategyAlongside the games we’ve seen massive technological changes over even the last year. Advances have allowed for games to have better graphics and playability dramatically changing the experience for the player. This has been enabled through PC advances and new components seem to be developed every month. More players are seeing the advantages of building their own system which can be updated and upgraded over time to stay up to date.

The gaming community itself has changed too. Gaming is no longer about loading up and playing. It’s an interactive and immersive environment that you can experience alongside people around the globe with mass online multiplayer games. This has helped forge a large community of people able to communicate in game and outside through forums and other channels.

Another development has come through streaming. New streaming sites have allowed some players to make money through their gameplay and there’s a large community of people who enjoy watching other players play. This has taken gaming to the next level and it’s now reaching a lot more people than ever before.

There’s now some great sites out there which can keep you up to date on all the trends. These sites will be able to give you information on what’s hot, guidance, new releases and reviews which is all invaluable if you’re going to stay on top of gaming news. Our go to site is Breech and if you’re looking for the best games in 2018 I would recommend you Visit the Site.

Popular Game Types

With more variety than ever you’ll find that you can explore exactly what you enjoy without having to settle for the mainstream. Subgenres have emerged with very unique games giving different experiences than anything that’s come before. That being said there are a few main types of game that are still massively popular above all the rest:

  • RPG

Role playing games (RPGs) are basically the most popular kind of game out there. In this variety the player takes control of a character, or characters, and guides them on a quest. There are so many subsections of RPG that it’s difficult to define them completely but generally there is one main story arc, with a number of potential side quests to complete. RPGs have their origins in old pen and paper Dungeons & Dragons esque playing and are remarkably popular world wide.

  • First Person Shooter

First Person Shooters or FPS games probably come in number 2 behind RPGs. These games allow you to take control of a character from their point of view and let you fire away at enemies. It’s entirely from the players perspective which makes it more realistic than other varieties. This realistic nature has been boosted massively by updated graphics which games much more lifelike. These games are all about the action but often have the downside that they aren’t as creative as other varieties.

  • Sandbox Games

Sandbox games are potentially not as well known as our first two categories but this genre is remarkably popular. Sandbox games let you take it back to starting point and allow you to physically create worlds, control characters actions and basically you act as God. These games have unlimited freedom and potentially could be the most popular, but right now there are limiting factors outside of gameplay. Nevertheless expect to see more of these in the next few years!

Overall RPGs come in top because of the variety and complexity of the game play. There are huge worlds to explore and so many missions to complete that you never run out of things to do letting you play for hours, days or weeks without getting bored.

The Best RPGs

RPGs are the best because they come in so many different formats. Often they are long single player mode games but they can be MMO games too where you get to play with people across the world. This vast genre includes pretty much everything but we’ve found a few of the best RPGs in 2018:

  • Monster Hunter: World

The Monster Hunter series is growing quickly and this is the 5th installment by creators CapCom. Monster Hunter features a vast world filled with a variety of monsters that, you guessed it, can hunt and destroy! It’s a lot of fun and this latest game looks to be one of the hottest releases in 2018.

  • BioMutant

BioMutant has been created for all major consoles and for PC. In this game you’ll take control of a mutant racoon (think guardians of the galaxy) in an effort to save the world. Toxic oil has infected the world causing death and destruction and only you can set it right. Cleverly made an fantastically entertaining this is definitely a top game for 2018.

  • Kingdom Hearts 3

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is well known to practically everyone but if you’ve been living in a cupboard for years then here’s a quick reminder. You’ll see all your favourite disney characters and control a team to defeat some of the villains. This installment has more of your favourite characters from disney and pixar movies alongside final fantasy characters to make it even more fun. Kingdom Hearts has some great graphics and is a genuinely fun game, definitely one to look out for.

RPGs represent some of the best fun to be had while playing and they can be excellent value for money. The amount of hours of fun you can have playing, along with the enjoyment mean that RPGs are always a good choice. So if you need a new game then check out which RPGs everyone is talking about in 2018.